The Equestrian Alliance firmly believes the ingrained culture of bullying and harassment in equestrian sports is a major impediment to attracting new participants and sponsors to the sport.

To actively address this issue, the Equestrian Alliance developed a grass-roots PLEDGE campaign – asking riders to pledge to Stop Bullying in Equestrian Sports.

The concept behind the pledge is that we can all take personal responsibility for stamping out bullying in our own backyard. The SBIES pledge is a powerful tool where riders make a commitment to not tolerate, or participate in bullying.

Since launching the campaign hundreds of riders around the globe have taken the SBIES pledge through the SBIES Facebook page and Instagram accounts.

We encourage equestrian clubs, committees, coaches, riding schools and events to use the SBIES RIDER PLEDGE as a tool to start the conversation about bullying and to set the standards of behavior for the club, riding school, clinic or event.

Simply print the pledge below or contact us on for a PDF of the pledge.

Pledge JPEG

BELOW –  is an example of the Coffs Coast Jump Club’s SBIES pledge.

Coff Harbour Jump Club Pledge