The Stop Bullying in Equestrian Sports (SBIES) movement was the first initiative launched by the Equestrian Alliance (TEA). SBIES was founded with the belief that the culture of equestrian sports is in need of reform to ensure a prosperous future of the sport.

In 2017, Hannah Brooks launched the Stop Bullying in Equestrian Sports (SBIES) FACEBOOK  page and was ill-prepared for the overwhelming response to the support group. The followers’ stories were eerily familiar. Members who had made legitimate complaints to their local governing body but the official channels had failed them. SBIES has since inadvertently become a frontline support network for the equestrian community.

SBIES then commissioned a  SURVEY,  which identified a distinct culture of victimisation emerging from the stories of the SBIES followers. This practice of victimisation placed a devastating emotional toll on the victims of bullying and harassment. Disillusioned and frustrated, equestrians are opting out of the sport in droves.

To combat this toxic culture and inject some positivity back into the equestrian community, we launched a simple PLEDGE campaign. SBIES asked equestrians to pledge their support for no longer tolerating bullying in equestrian sports. This campaign reminds equestrians that they can take ‘personal responsibility’ for helping to stop bullying when they see it occurring in their own backyard.

The extraordinary success of the PLEDGE campaign highlights the community’s desire for leadership on the issue of bullying. Countless equestrians from around the globe, from Olympians to trail riders (and everyone in between) have since ‘pledged’ their support through the SBIES FACEBOOK  and INSTAGRAM accounts or by using the hashtag #enjoytheride.  The success of SBIES shows the equestrian community standing in solidarity against bullying in our sport, regardless of geography, discipline or ability.

WATCH the videos below to be inspired by the power of the pledge, take our SURVEY to have your say, follow SBIES on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM, or join the movement and DM us a photo of your horse to take our pledge to Stop Bullying in Equestrian Sports.